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1. glee uncountable noun
Glee is a feeling of happiness and excitement, 
2. happiness uncountable noun
Money can’t buy happiness.
3. humour uncountable noun
If you are in good humour, you feel happy.
4. joy uncountable noun
Joy is a feeling of great happiness.


I have been writing this blog for about a year and a half now, so imagine my embarrassment to find I have been spelling Kushi or should I say Khushi the wrong way. When I first looked into blog title possibilities I came across a definition of the word kushi; meaning happiness and it was spelt the way I have been spelling it. But this spelling is the Japanese spelling, where as the true Hindi spelling is with an H after the K.

Its too late to change the blog domain name now, so it will forever be called hippie kushi waking up to life but on the posts I write from now on and the title at the top of the blog will now be spelt in the correct way.

So, welcome to a quick look back as well as a glimpse into my future. Welcome to:

Hippie Khushi waking up to Life.com

I am soon leaving for a trip to Amsterdam, a city I have not visited for some years; its like an old friend to me. I want to go there to explore whats left of the old hippie vibe in that beautiful city.

Before I travel to the Netherlands though, I will be writing a rather sobering piece about the Kali Yuga.

Look out for my next blog posts.

“There were things in the world that approximated each other, that seemed to be similar or related in mystical ways, that seemed to mirror each other beyond even the cultural differences and forms. For me there seemed to be a common thread running through it all, a current running invisibly through separate streams, connecting them. It was these things that attracted me: the things that instinctively spoke to me, primal images that had always resonated with me and that alluded to an underlying unity.”

from: Journeys in the Kali Yuga: A Pilgrimage from Esoteric India to Pagan Europe

By Aki Cederberg

The quote above really resonated with me. I have always felt a longing, a feeling I was meant to do something important. I have always desired to travel, to explore the world, its ingrained in me. I travelled a lot over my lifetime but only short holidays; it was never enough. Although a few months as a teacher in Africa started showing me the possibilities.

After a long period of depression in which my life became grey, meaningless and came to a full-stop; something happened that changed everything: GOA.

Goa and its dancing hippies on the beach woke me up, showed me I could go back to being the playful adventurer I once was. It enabled me to embrace life again.

I came back from that first trip and totally changed my life. I started this blog, started travelling more, started going to festivals, meeting wonderful people, re-engaged with Whirl-y-gig, discovered amazing socials like the Parlour Party, met loads of new wonderful friends and started to look like the real me!

The music, the love, the friendship, life is good.

Thank You…

This year has had its ups and downs so far. In September 2018 I left a job I hated, it was making me really unhappy. I was due to start a new job at a doctors surgery but it was then that I fell ill with the worst virus of my life!

I had the most terrible flu like illness that had me bed ridden for months. The cough was so bad my doctor thought I had pneumonia and sent me for hospital checks.

This period really got me down but also gave me a well needed ‘time out’, I had been working too hard to pay off my debts and had gotten run down.

A friend of mine said that she thought being ill was sometimes like a cleansing; and it really was.

I used the time I was recovering to speak to citizens advice who helped me get a debt relief order that will wipe out my debts by December this year. I also made a huge decision while in my sick bed. It was becoming increasingly clear that not going on my world travels was eating me up and I decided I was going to do it at the end of 2020 no matter the risks.

And so my vagabonding plans came into force and I was able to start preparing for vagabonding around the world; becoming the global nomad I was always meant to be.

“Pilgrimage is to purposefully, intentionally give oneself to experience and momentarily shed one’s attachments to one’s familiar world and to enter another where the old rules do not necessarily apply. Perhaps it is only by striving for the lands of primal knowledge incarnate, which simultaneously mirror our own inner depths, that we can truly reach the shores of timeless truth. Perhaps this is the eternal quest of the hero, retold again and again in myth, legend, and story. And perhaps in a world with fewer and fewer heroes and fewer treasures worthy of a quest, this is what is important; to find the magic mirrors worth striving for-mirrors that reflect our own true nature and an undiluted truth.”

Journeys in the Kali Yuga: A Pilgrimage from Esoteric India to Pagan Europe

By Aki Cederberg

Richard and Mary Sutcliffe, you are two of those heroes, those mirrors of light. You have made me see joy and positive energy. Whirl-y-gig has brought me back to life like a loving CPR:

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation with a trance beat.

And the Parlour Party showed me that pure joy through music and togetherness can light the way. I have so many great friends now; its truly wonderful.

I’m ready for the next chapter!!

My best friend Nick, love you to bits. xxx

“You shine without a shadow. Follow the light, and you will never get lost. Let love guide your way, and you shall find peace unto your soul.”

Journeys in the Kali Yuga: A Pilgrimage from Esoteric India to Pagan Europe

By Aki Cederberg

So, what is next, what lies ahead for me in the next year or so?

The first positive thing that has happened is that as soon as I got better I got a good job at a hospital in Wembley, with a lovely manager, Champa and I’m enjoying it. It pays reasonably well and so it is enabling me to save up for my travels and future plans.

My vagabonding preparations are in full swing and I shall be blogging about them again soon.

The next thing on my list is to finally learn to drive at the age of 55, owning a motorhome is a very important part of my future plans so I will be signing up for lessons in the very near future. My plan is to learn to drive, slowly save up for a second hand campervan and use it for the first part of my travels. Then leave it with a friend while I travel the world. On my return I will live in it until I get myself settled and working again. It will be great for future travels too.

My eventual dream after I get back from a long period of travel, is to live on a a canal boat, an ageing hippie selling Indian clothes and jewellery from a market stall, while still dancing away at festivals and whirl-y-gig and the parlour party. Oh, and months on end in Goa too.

Thinking about that makes me smile….

So, everything feels like its really in full swing now, next year I’m off to travel the world. In the meantime I have my hippie trip to Amsterdam, June’s Whirl-y-gig and the Parlour Party to look forward to, which will keep me feeling elated and upbeat until I put the backpack on and hit the road.

Also, the challenge of learning to drive should prove interesting.



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