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Achieving your life goals

This blog is all about finding peace, freedom and happiness through being true to who you really are. There is nothing more fulfilling than beginning to achieve the things in life you have always put off for later.  By going for it and stepping over fear you can start to gain a feeling of completion and achievement in life.

This year has been amazing for me as I have found myself (the real me) and stepped out into the world again. I have started experiencing new things like music festivals and began travelling to great places abroad like India and made a concerted effort to stop living a stuck full stop existence. I have begun to be the real me, I have blossomed like a flower and I feel really happy now. I look how I want to look, I feel how I want to feel, and I feel in control for the first time in my life.

One project I have put off and off, time and again, is completing my novel. In fact, its taken me five years. But with the support of new friends and with my new mindset, I have driven forward with the project and not only completed my book but it has now been published (Kindle and paperback) and is available on Amazon. The excitement of seeing my book for sale is amazing.

The feeling I had yesterday in knowing I had achieved one of my life goals was nothing short of elation. Achievement in life is one of the best ways to find peace, freedom and happiness. No goal is too big, go for it and stop putting it off; it feels great!!

Kindle version

Ultralondinium Blues for sale on Amazon


Paperback version





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