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After the Rain: The Return of the Flower Children

Look For The Blossom

The flowers will always bloom
Once the darkness subsides.
When every corner is filled with gloom,
Remember the sun just hides.

Brighter days will follow.
Earth will keep moving.
Look for the brighter color.
Help lift the darkness looming.

Source: www.familyfriendpoems.com

After the rain is gone the flower children will rise up! Our time will have finally come.

People talk of things going back to normal after the pandemic; god I hope not. 

Once we have all been vaccinated  we will emerge into a new world; one that we have the ability to make a better place. How? By not going back to the way things were before this terrible year.

After the rain has gone the flower children will find their place at last!

After Covid will we remember who we were? Or do we need to become someone new.

Will we remember the colourful, fun loving hippies we used to be before the pandemic?

Can we break out of our cocoons better people than before? 

Can we be a new kind of hippie ready to live a better lifestyle and save our beautiful planet?

“If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there would be peace.” — John Lennon

We all need to spend time thinking about the person we want to be when we come out of this pandemic. We also need to think about the world we want to live in. We have the opportunity to think about what we are going to do, where we are going to go and why.

We should decide at this point if we want to be part of the problem or part of a new world order; an order of light and love.

Flower children will rise to the fore in the new age that is to come. A new period of saving our planet and of love, peace and HOPE; I just know it.

Once Were Hippies

Poem by Wayne Falconer

Once we believed our hip universal ideal
could challenge how you daily might feel
peace, love, musics high freedom vibe
would change the negative draining tide.

Studying eastern mysticism the Gita line
listening to the Indian sitar mantra rhyme
incense and peppers hippie Beatle song
the muse heard never sounded wrong.

Psychedelic colour wild style fashion
drugs, music and heady inspired passion
blow the dull straights narrow mind
was catch phrase of the time sung blind.

Don’t trust the establishment grey man
with his sold out dull soul plan
peace and love demonstration waving signs
such were the rapidly changing times.

Hippie scenes, hippie dreams, hippie themes
mystic star signs, tarot cards, utopian schemes
love pointed way to the hippie tribal ideal
hey man count yourself real let ideal self feel.

Hippie age swung like lovers revolving door
did I keep balance remember to keep score
isn’t hard to guess there’s more to say
looking back through hour glass of yesterday.

Guess hippie age turned many heads around
never imagined I’d be writing bout events found
just close my eyes flashing flashbacks sway
but past is past today’s new century day.

Man today I’ve grown to rocking middle age
but no longer do I wanna swing and rage
with two growing kids mortgage and wife
such is the straight face of modern life.

Watching my two boys growing up in outa luck
saying well man life does really suck
an parents are uncool boring old fashion
haven’t got spark or any life passion.

Yet once I believed our hippie communal ideal
would create change make this life real
yes man I won’t and don’t forget my hip act
hey man yeah that’s one true hippie fact.

Source: www.poemhunter.com

When we have all been vaccinated and the lockdown ends for good, we can emerge from our cocoons finally free of these horrible restrictions on our freedom, we can emerge better people; people who believe in a common cause, people of a certain ilk, a hippie ideal.

First of all we must truly embrace our hippie selves; committing to that lifestyle, that open mindset, open to life’s possibilities; Waking up to life!

In the beginning this new generation of post-Covid flower children will have to take things slowly. It will take time for the vaccine to be given to everyone around the world. Some of you may fight the idea of a vaccine, your conspiracy theory mind telling you its bad. This mindset is frankly ridiculous; if too many people refuse to take the vaccine they will simply be prolonging this Covid nightmare and stopping us all from being free again.

So, as a consequence of the wait FOR OUR TURN to take the needle, We will have to settle for sitting outside pubs, for house parties at first but there will surely be a big rise in those forest raves again; people will be so desperate to party. Dancing in the woods to psytrance will be our way of telling the world we are free and never going back into our box!

Pubs will open for inside service, live venues will have gigs again and we can finally look forward to attending festivals.

When a new normal existence becomes a reality, we will need to look at our politics post Covid; what do we believe is right and what is wrong in this new world? David Attenborough has used his time well in lockdown. Anyone who saw his documentary ‘Extinction’ will surely be changed by it forever.

The planet is in trouble and needs us, (all of us) to change our ways. But what does that mean to this new flower power movement, what can we do to save the planet?

We HAVE to embrace a new lifestyle post-Covid. Livestock farming is destroying the planet; both through the things the animals are fed as well as the way they are farmed and the effect on the environment is terrible.

I have always been a bit of a lazy protester and someone who has been slow to change my eating habits. But no more, the post-Covid me is a changed man. I am now fully vegetarian and I feel strong enough now about many issues that I can no longer sit at home.

I intend to be right up there with the climate protesters when they take to the streets again and as far as my diet is concerned I’ve never felt better. Its not enough, but its a start.

If you take the time to read up on these things and study how the world is being abused and tortured by us humans, then hopefully you will feel energised to change your mindset around the environment and hopefully your diet too and lets face it, its a lot healthier for you.

There is so much more to all this and perhaps a whole other blog post but the worlds politics suck, racism sucks, eating meat sucks, cutting down beautiful trees sucks, polluting the planet sucks.

The new generation of flower children MUST rise up and do something about these issues!!

I have met so many likeminded hippies who I know will be the ambassadors of the new flower movement and post-Covid we will be stronger and more visible than ever!!

Eventually we will be allowed to attend nightclubs again and how wonderful that will be. To see our hippie friends and hug and kiss them whilst dancing the night away; for we are free spirits.

One of my greatest loves is watching live music, especially world music. Music is joy, music can change your mood and inspire you. Music is our theme tune to LIFE!!

One of the most important ways of spreading the hippie message is at festivals. Places full of likeminded hippies dancing to live music; living as part of a tented community, as one voice!

Very soon we will be allowed back to these wonderful events and we must embrace them. We must go to as many festivals as we can in order to let the new flower power movement grow. Gatherings like this are how things change. Lets show our beautiful hippie souls to all of those we can.

Next stop the WORLD!!

Travel is a wonderful thing. To experience different cultures, to see the beauty of the world and to meet other hippies from all over the planet. The hippie movement WILL grow and grow!!

All hippie roads lead to Goa, India!!

Signals from the Indian Consulate seem to hint at us eventually, hopefully being allowed back to Goa from around October 2021. We can finally return to the beaches of Goa. 

Arambol and Anjuna for me are the hippie mecca of the world. And after the Covid nightmare, they will be busier and more exciting than ever. The hippie movement will converge on Goa and the children of the new flower power movement WILL RISE and hopefully people will start to see a better way.

So do not be disheartened during these difficult times, be patient and be STRONG!

Think about who and what you want to be when we are finally set free of this darkness.

If you feel the hippie lifestyle is for you, think what that means, embrace and prepare…

…for the rise of the new flower children and the building of the post-Covid hippie revolution are coming!


Till next time; stay strong, and prepare...

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