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An Even Stronger Wanderlust PT 3 OF 6 —Goodbye Sri Lanka

Sitting on the balcony of my guesthouse in Unawatuna Sri Lanka on my last day here, I cannot help but reflect on my changing moods whilst in this beautiful country.

Although Sri Lanka has undoubtedly natural beauty, what it lacks is a hippie soul. This conservative society’s idea of a social life for tourists are dull bars with Butlins style live music once a week. Some places have been OK like One Love but its still just a place to eat and drink and I need more. I have grown so bored here. I loved the wildlife, especially the turtles in Turtle beach lagoon Unawatuna and those beautiful elephants earlier on on my journey.

Some of the people have been kind and generous whilst others have just seen me as a way to make some money. I’m left with mixed feelings about this place but if one thing has come out of it for me is that it is not India and I love and miss India.

I know many of you may not agree with me but I can only write with my own view of a place and you must make up your own mind.

Dont get me wrong, there have been many highlights and I have had some really good experiences. I am not saying I have not had a great time on occasions, the Goa refugees (regular Goa longstayers who came here instead during these Covid years) have kept me amused and been good company and I hope to see them again in Goa when I return early next year, but, I do not think Sri Lanka is a place I will return to. I have too many other places on my ‘to go to list’, like all of Southeast Asia, rather than return to a place that has left me a little flat.

That being said, coming away to a hot country has done me a world of good after the bleak Covid years and I just hope the war with Russia and Ukraine does not escalate and scuttle my plans for my long trip in November to Nepal and India.

This trip to Sri Lanka has made my wanderlust even stronger now and I look forward to many adventures around the world in the years to come, so for now goodbye Sri Lanka and thank you to places like One Love bar for making this trip more enjoyable than it could have been.

I look forward to my next trip abroad but until then there are many exciting things about to happen in the UK, starting with the release of my book.

Hippie Kushi Waking up to Life book one is out on 30th March.

And then festival season will begin, where I will be running my hippie clothing stalls, exciting times. So, until next time, I have a plane to catch, I hope the plane is cool as it is VERY hot here, very very hot.

Next time: My book launch!!

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