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Boats, canal boats and alternative living

I love boats and I love water. I was born in Brighton by the sea and have always felt a connection to the water.

I now live in Hampton, near Surrey and right by the river Thames. It’s a beautiful area and there are loads of canal boats. I love to sit and watch them from the river bank on a summer’s day.

My dream all my life has been to live on a canal boat. This canal and river community is full of eccentrics and characters. Living on a boat would give me the peace, freedom and happiness I desire.

My plan, my destiny, is to first of all move to a smaller boat for a short period. Saving on the high rent I am paying on my flat, saving on council tax and bills and in doing so saving £100’s of pounds towards a bigger canal boat.

Then I would spend the summer months in the UK living on my boat and running a small business; such as a canal boat bar with live music, maybe with a cafe attached.

And in the winter months I would travel around India on my continuing search for peace, freedom and happiness…

Doesn’t sound like a bad plan, does it.

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