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Brightening Up

In my last post I spoke about depression and dealing with mental health. I felt it was important to write about this subject because many of us have struggled during this pandemic and the subsequent lockdown…

…its not been easy for any of us.

But I must say, after what has been a terrible April and May in the UK due to some appalling bad weather; I feel that things are finally brightening up. My mood is starting to be really good.

I’m writing this just two days before I go on a five day camping trip to beautiful Devon, on England’s west coast. I was really worried about the unusually cold and wet weather we have been having but the sun is finally out and things are finally warming up, just in time for my trip.

I am so looking forward to some me time. Time to relax and reflect whilst camping in my new tepee at a camping site by a beach near Barnstable. I’m planning lots of country walks, exploring quant little villages as well as a few pints at pretty thatched pubs with a little live music thrown into the mix.

But it is not only the improving weather and my up-coming camping trip that has lifted my mood.

I have been doing a lot of work around my business: Hippie Utsaah clothing and accessories hippieutsaah.com. Up till now sales have been slow but that is to be expected under the circumstances. My hippie items are meant for sunny weather, nightclubbing, festivals and travel. We have had some terrible weather of late and clubbing, festivals and travel have not been allowed due to Covid.

That is now changing, the weather is set to improve and we are seeing signs of travel beginning to open up again (if slowly). In June (UK) clubbing and festivals are being allowed again. I’m hoping all of this will be good news for my business.

Already I’m seeing sales picking up and I’m now on many selling platforms such as Etsy, eBay and Folksy.

The best news is I have been accepted to run a market stall at the Psymera festival weekender. This will be great fun and should really boost my sales.

I seem to have plenty to do again and that is really lifting my mood.

Psymera Festival Weekender

Psymera is not the only festival I’m going to. I’ve got tickets for Noisily festival in July as well and I’m really looking forward to that. At both these events I am looking forward to dancing with the freaks, hippies and trance bunnies once again. Could I finally be waking up to life again?


Noisily is a festival that celebrates the individual, cultivates understanding in the collective, and explores what it means to be human in today’s World. 

Grounded in 5 core pillars, they strive to stand on the edge of knowledge, and to share that knowledge and information with the intelligent, open minded people who come to the Coney Woods each July and join our festival family. 

Noisily Festival

When I got really down a few weeks ago, I realised for me it is all about keeping my mind active, moving forward and staying busy. I am a free spirit, I love to travel and I like to be creative. Not being able to do those things was hard on me.

Keeping busy with the business has helped but I needed more. Hence the camping trip to Devon and my recent trip to Brighton. If I cannot travel to the parts of Europe I want to and if I cannot travel to my beloved India, then I will settle for exploring the United Kingdom for now. Its better than nothing and keeps me sane. 

Another way of keeping my mind and body active has been several hobbies I have begun. One such hobby is I have started one-to-one Hindi lessons online with a wonderful woman in India called Satabdi. It will be great to speak a few sentences of Hindi the next time I travel to India; I love it.

My tutor says I am Bhali, meaning good of nature.

Dhanyawad Satabdi.

I’ve put on a lot of weight during this pandemic, just like many others. I have also noticed a real decline in my fitness; walking and running nearly kills me sometimes. As a result I have joined a weekly yoga class. It a proper group class at a local centre and its really good for stretching those lazy muscles and getting that heart beating; let alone loosing weight. I’m starting to feel good again, waking up to life.

Things really are brightening up, there is no doubt. In June we can go clubbing again. I hope this will mean the return of Whirl-y-Gig among others. It will be great to dance with the Whirlys once again. Festivals too are coming back in June and I cannot wait; we are coming back!!

Europe is a little behind us with its vaccinations but I hope by the end of the summer much more of it will open up for travel. I love popping over to the Netherlands and Germany.

Most importantly for me is getting back to India, especially Goa. Things are not good in India right now but I am truly praying that by January 2022 I can go back. I have thought about going to Thailand instead this year and I still may but if I’m truthful to myself, my heart lies with India.

This slow but steady comeback will be complete for me when I am able to return to my beloved India.

Until then…

its ok

…things really are brightening up.

Till next time...

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