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Truth. Lies, the Vaccine and those Conspiracy Theories

Like most of you now I’m sure, I have had enough of this Covid hell; I just want to get out there and be a free spirited hippie again.

Its Autumn in the UK and I am just recovering from a serious illness. This illness came along just before I was about to start my new job as an employment advisor. I’ve been very excited about this job as it will pay for my new online hippie clothing and accessories business as well as my travels to India.

My doctor checked me out in order to get to the bottom of the infection. As part of that she sent me for a Covid-19 test. It was a scary thing to do as a lot of people have died in this country from this terrible pandemic and I did not want to be another statistic.

Luckily on this occasion the test was negative (I’m pretty sure I had Covid in March anyhow).

For too long now we have been living under the shadow of Coronavirus and it has effected all of our lives.

For us free spirited hippie types, not to be able to hug and kiss our friends, not to be able to party at nightclubs and not to be able to travel, has been heartbreaking and frustrating.

But then, after almost a year of this hell, several vaccines are finally being approved that work extremely well (95% effective against Covid); this is fantastic news and most of us are elated that there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

A vaccine means that by the middle of next year we can start getting back to the things we love: pubs, clubs, gigs, festivals and travel, especially Goa!

But there is something that deeply concerns me around all of this good news. If not enough people have the vaccine this pandemic hell will drag on for years to come and I for one cannot live like that.

But why would anyone not want the vaccine after living through this lockdown prison hell? What would be the reasons why anyone would be so foolish as to not have the vaccine?

The answer is simple, because they have been brainwashed by the conspiracy theorists and the anti-vaccine protestors and that is a very serious situation indeed.

I have really struggled this year with the lies and bullshit people have been spouting on Facebook about various ridiculous conspiracy theories. I have unfriended anyone spouting such rubbish. To suggest that the pandemic has not been real and that it was made up by our government to control us and subdue us is laughable. In that case how come every country in the world has been through the same thing? Have all the governments of the world (despite the fact that many do not get on and/or are enemies) have conspired together to bring down their economies, destroy their job markets and fall into resection making their citizens homeless and jobless; seriously?

I’m sure all the millions of people around the world who have lost loved ones to this terrible illness would recognise your conspiracy theories for what they are; bullshit and very dangerous for all our futures.

But even worse than that are the conspiracy theories around the vaccine. “The vaccine will inject a chip into us that means our government can track us”. Its time to put down that PlayStation, stop playing those science fiction computer games and stop watching all that trash TV.

I’m sorry if I sound harsh about all this but we will never be free to live our lives again unless we take the vaccine. Countries like India say they will not even let us into their country unless we can prove we have had the vaccine; so goodbye to Goa you anti-vaccine people.

Mistrust of science

“Some opposition to vaccines comes directly from a mistrust of science, or mistrust of the government. Some people believe that pharmaceutical companies and scientists want to sell a product regardless of harmful consequences.

Others are skeptical of science that they don’t understand, or the chemicals they don’t know that go into vaccines. This distrust grows, as laws require children to be vaccinated in order to attend public schools.

Some parents prefer “natural” or homeopathic treatments instead. These treatments can aid in relieving the symptoms of some conditions, but are not as effective in preventing disease.

When people mistrust science, they’re less likely to vaccinate. They’re also less likely to trust the doctors who recommend vaccines.”

Source: www.healthline.com

Of course there are others who have a more balanced fear of vaccines based around medical concerns and that’s understandable but whats worse, dying of Covid, being in lockdown for years to come or having those two small injections that will allow us to move on with our lives.

I don’t need to tell you what this year has been like living with Covid because we have all been going through it. Thousands and thousands have died a horrible death and our liberties have been taken away. Some people simply cannot deal with that reality so their defence mechanism is to block out the reality of Covid and feel its easier to make up a fictional response to their fears, conspiracy theories of a government created plot to control us.

If we are ever going to be free to live our free spirited hippie lives again; for goodness sake take the vaccine and lets move forward again.

Many in the world have a different outlook to those in the UK and the USA; they accept that in order to get back to normal they need to take the vaccine; they want to be let out of their cages to live freely again.

This is our chance, lets grab it with both hands.

Lets grab this opportunity to push aside the doubters and live our lives to the full again.

As well as having that knowledge that our parents and our elderly relatives will be safe from contracting the disease and dying a horrible death…We can also embrace the freedoms and joys we have missed so much.

We can meet our friends at the pub again…

We can go back to enjoying house parties…

We can enjoy live music again…

We can go clubbing and dance the night away…

We can return to Whirl-y-Gig…

We can return to Whirl-y-Fayre…

We can return to festivals in the summer…

We can return to the beaches of Goa…

Reject the conspiracy theorists, reject the anti-vaccine mob and embrace life again.

Take the vaccine when the time comes and lets be free…


Next time: Looking ahead to 2021; the pathway to the light

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