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Many of the original hippies followed the hippie trail to Goa in India and remnants of that society are still evident today. I love it and I embrace it, the freedom and lifestyle, the flower power and the music and most of all the love in this age of segregation and hate.

I fell in love with Goa the first time I visited India, and that is the colourful hippie scene that still flourishes there after all these years. When I first visited Goa I found the place to be not only beautiful and full of character but also alive with a hippie vibe that is exciting and vibrant. 

Waking up to Life

Hippie Kushi Gallery

There are some fantastic festivals around the world and Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire is one of them.I had a wonderful time experiencing the freaky people, the new age hippies, trance bunnies, sparkling disco divas and well muscled ‘Made in Chelsea types’. No one could argue that this is an event full of an eclectic mix of people of all ages, races, styles, sexuality and outlook on life; but the one thing we all had in common was the feeling of togetherness, the fun, the dressing up and the chilled out atmosphere. 

Goa hippie freaks on Arambol beach after an all night full moon party.

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Goa Gil is a hero of mine, he is an original hippie from the sixties who was looking for a different and more fulfilling way of life and so he travelled the hippie trail to India in 1969. 

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Beautiful Palolem beach South Goa

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Crazy trance parties on the beach and in the jungle

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Great festivals in the English summer time

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Meditation and yoga on the beach