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Goa Happiness, Freedom and Peace

Beautiful Goa so captures the essence of what I’m searching for. Places like Arambol and Anjuna still hold on to that hippie new world feeling of free spirit and love. I enjoyed the wonderful night market with its many stalls selling trinkets and incense, the amazing street food, as well as many cultures mixing in harmony and dancing to the live 60’s hippie music; the atmosphere is truly electric.

I met many crazy and interesting characters along the way too. This has been an amazing start to my journey of discovery.

My plan is to travel for months at a time and let go of the fear of loss of security that has held me back. Setting off on this first journey to India on what will be increasingly longer journeys, I have been reminded of a couple of quotes from some great and relevant books that I have enjoyed reading:

“Vagabonding is about gaining the courage to loosen your grip on the so-called certainties of this world. Vagabonding is about refusing to exile travel to some other, seemingly more appropriate, time of your life. Vagabonding is about taking control of your circumstances instead of passively waiting for them to decide your fate.”


“A butterfly cult of instant redundance helps fuel the illusion of progress, serving short concentration spans and a fundamentalist faith in the notion that all things are hot and then they’re not. several careers are needed in a lifetime, and several husbands and wives. We travel through life like a dose of salts”

“…it struck me something had changed in our relationship to travel. To those shuffling the causeway, journeys were simply inconvenient interludes between departures and arrivals; dead time which could only be filled usefully by catching up on business calls on the mobile. Movement and multitasking provides the illusion one is getting through what? The reality is, those commuters are like Sisyphus daily pushing their rock to the mountain top, only to find it waiting for them again at the bottom the next morning. It was that evening…I started actively seeking a more humane navigation through life.”


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  • It looks wonderful,
    be careful you may find a strange shambling figure following you around – be warned!

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