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Hippie Kushi Goa Life: the Road to Goa PT2

[Whirly] definition: The Whirl-y-Gig community, those who love the Whirl-y-Gig club night, a community of like-minded people of all ages, a family of creative, colourful friends]

I know I have talked about this first bit before, but as this blog is moving in a new direction, I felt it was important to start at the beginning; well, the beginning of this new chapter in my life anyhow.

I begin this post with a happy memory, the day I came out of my pandemic blues and started living again.

A few months ago, I found myself dancing in the woods in North London with hundreds of other people. I felt so happy, elated even, seeing lots of old friends. Everyone was so warm and friendly, and I danced for eight hours practically nonstop.

It felt so good to be in the mix of it again, with the Whirlys, the hippies, the trance bunnies, and the freaks…

It had taken a lot of persuading to get me to go to one of these illegal forest gatherings. I had been pretty depressed because of the pandemic and going to my first forest party was taking me out of my comfort zone. The thing is local councils kept cancelling all the festivals that year, under the guise of Covid, but in reality, using the pandemic as a way to block festivals they did not like the sound of (E.G.: psytrance and hippie festivals). Lots of the clubs had not yet reopened either, so where were we to go?

But I’m so glad I did go because it changed everything. I finally woke up to life again and felt excited about the future.

Two weeks later a friend of mine invited me and my best buddies Louise and Las to another event; his yearly garden party. The party was held at his parent’s house, and he had done the garden out beautifully with marquees, tents, bench swings, fire pits and a dance area. There were hippie drapes and colourful décor everywhere and it looked like a mini festival.

We arrived around 2pm and it was already packed full of so many familiar faces. Whirl-y-Gig club had been closed for 18 months at this point and so I had not seen many of these people for ages.

It was truly wonderful catching up with the Whirlys, it was an afternoon and evening of pure joy, a time for drinking, laughing, and dancing our socks off. It truly was the event of the year and I felt loved, and warm and fuzzy inside afterwards.

At the party there had been a lot of talk around if we could return to Goa that year. Goa (and the rest of India) had been closed for a season at this point due to the pandemic with no visas being issued. All the Whirlys loved to visit Goa each season, some of them for several months over the British winter and they were all frustrated at not being able to return.

There were whispers that visas were to be issued to those who had had double vaccine jabs. Could we finally return to those beautiful beaches?

Those two wonderful parties had ignited a new spirit in me, my hippie Kushi mindset was back, and I was now truly ready to go back to Goa: if at all possible

It was now October 11th 2021, and I was sitting at my desk in my flat in Hampton, UK. Despite the atrocious weather outside I found myself staring out of the window with a broad smile on my face. This could have seemed a little odd to some, especially as we were only just coming out of the pandemic lockdown; my goodness, it has been hard.

Hampton is a pretty town, quiet and suburban but conveniently only a 40-minute train ride from central London. It sits on the borders of London and Surrey in the Southeast of England and had been a good place to live, for the time being anyway.

My tiny office was actually part of my bedroom, but my little desk and computer had become my tools for building my dream life; a Hippie Kushi life. At that desk I had written three books (one published) and I had also created and set up an online clothing business to finance my future plans; and so far, all was going well.

Now, the reason I was staring out of my window like a gormless fool was because I was continuously gobsmacked by the weather that we were having that year in the UK. So far in 2021, we had had no summer what-so-ever, it had been cold and grey throughout. Now it was mid-autumn, October, and after a brief spell of sunshine, it was now dark, wet, hail was pounding against my window and it was freezing cold out, we had jumped straight into a harsh winter, I already had my heating on!! I HATE the British weather; it makes me miserable. I need the sunshine, it fills me with energy and hope. I am not made for the UK.

But as I sat there, I didn’t care about that horrible weather, I knew my life was about to change in a fantastic way. I truly believe life is for living, so we must always embrace our dreams. I was now beginning to live the life I had always dreamt of. Over the past eight years I had re-discovered who I really was, I had fallen back in love with myself and I had embraced Hippie Kushi (hippie happiness); I had to live that lifestyle in order to thrive, and in order to do that I had to spend six months of my year in Goa.

And so, after a difficult couple of years, I would soon be back in India!

It feels like destiny is with me this time, my business is doing really well now, with orders coming in almost every day, I am regularly doing a market stall on Sundays and this is bringing in more revenue and I now have a great flexible job at Costco warehouse promoting goods; so the pennies are rolling in.

The India situation has not been as simple though, its taken the Indian government a long time to get their act together and its been stressful and exhausting to say the least.

But, I finally felt confident enough to buy my air ticket to Goa last week and I’m elated at the prospect of finally returning to my happy place.

Goa is the place where it all changed for me. I had been living a grey, boring existence in the UK for twelve years leading up to my first visit to India. After that first trip out to Goa, I returned to the UK a changed man; the old hippie inside me had reawakened.

And so onwards with ‘Hippie Kushi Life in Goa’.

Before this new blog really gets going I wanted to talk about the two books (and third one I am currently writing), as they sit nicely beside this blog.

In my first book, (out at Christmas this year 2021) ‘Hippie Kushi Waking up to Life, book one’, I give you a glimpse into my own challenging past and how my life had become stuck, grey, and boring. I explained how a trip to India had woken me up to life’s exciting possibilities and how I had begun my journey towards happiness (Kushi) and Utsaah (elation).

I explored the festivals and clubbing venues where you can meet likeminded people; those new-age hippies, global nomads, trance bunnies and psychedelic warriors. And how that feeling of kinship will win you over and make you want to come back time and again for more and more.

I also explored different approaches to alternative living as well as how to live a more hippie Kushi, environmentally friendly life.

The first book also looked at the joy of music and explored some deeper subjects such as spirituality, drugs, sex and being different.

Most of all I hope I show you the power of joy, dancing, happiness, togetherness, and love. Waking up to Life, Hippie Kushi style!

In the second book, Hippie Kushi Waking up to Life book two, I continue my exploration of modern hippie life. I Cover subjects such as long-term vagabonding travel and the places in the world where you can find hippie happiness.

Also, in the second book I include several fascinating case studies from people who have also woken up to life and are living the dream; their lives changed forever.

Those two books show that there is a hidden hippie world out there just waiting for you to discover; full of colourful, wonderful, eccentric older hippies, who dance, sing, play music, perform, have parties, create, travel, and join hands with their fellow hippies whilst dancing around the Whirly-Fayre’s Mother Goddess fire. Come embrace us and join the happiness revolution.

Despite the difficulties we now face with travel due to Covid, things will slowly get better each year. It saddens me to only be going for 30 days this year (due to India’s current pandemic travel rules) but I hope next year I can go for five months and the following year six.

This blog now follows my Hippie Kushi Goa Life and will be about my Goa travels (as well as journeys to other parts of India), the characters I meet, the experiences I have and the day to day issues one can face. I hope it also acts as a guide for first timers visiting this beautiful place.

My third book will be based on my blog posts and brings us up to date, to a point where I am finally in a position to move to Goa for six months every year, from October to March.

For the other six months (India’s monsoon season) I will be living at my flat in Hampton (for now) as well as travelling the UK and Europe making money at markets and festivals.

But this third book and this blog, unlike the other books, will focus mostly on Goa. I will explore the Hippie Kushi side of this magical part of India and give you a guide to the sites, smells, sounds and vibes of India’s smallest state.

To be continued…

Next time: Hippie Kushi Life in Goa: Some facts about Goa

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