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Hippie Kushi Waking up to Life Book

“Everyone has the potential to change their life, surroundings, and happiness!”

Lillian Joyce

As many of you know, over the last two years I have slowly been writing and compiling my second book called HIPPIE KUSHI WAKING UP TO LIFE, ‘How to move on from a full-stop life and find hippie happiness.’

The book is a semi-autobiographical, self-help book for all of those who feel they have become a bit grey, boring and stuck in life, regardless of age, sexuality or background.

This book invites you to re-examine your life, climb inside that metaphorical chrysalis and evolve into a beautiful, colourful hippie kushi butterfly. 

Once you have achieved this transformation, I invite you to get out there and have a bloody good time.

“Stephen’s inspiration is the key to the faery realms. Thank you Balloon Man for leading us along that rainbow road to find the beauty and joy we all deserve. Thank you for going with the flow, for showing us how to live rather than exist, how to connect with our souls and watch the magic of possibility unfold.”

Mary Sutcliffe (Forward from book)

This book explores many subjects including festivals, Whirl-y-gig, Parlour Party, friendship, love, togetherness, being a modern day hippie, spirituality and much much more…..

The manuscript has now gone off to the publishers and my book should be on sale in January 2020.

I am very proud of it and I hope when it is out (Don’t worry I will let you know) that you will support me by purchasing a copy.

“In many ways Stephen’s story of life broadly matches my own, only the finer details and timescale differ.

I was a child of the 50’s and hit the 60’s as a teenager becoming immersed in the feelings of that time, But as time passed I became engrossed in my work life right up to my retirement. Maybe my younger days were a little more sedate than Stephen’s and my working years did have some periods of life to them.
After my retirement I started to rediscover things from my earlier life. To illustrate my time in the 90’s at the Whirl-y-gig I searched online in the hope of finding some old images, as I had assumed the Whirly had ended years earlier. To my surprise up popped the Whirl-y-gig, still running – within seconds I booked a ticket for the next event.

I came across a link to Stephen’s blog just before his first return to the Whirl-y-gig. So much of his blog matched my own life, he had rediscovered the Whirly, he loved going to Goa, he aspired to living on a houseboat and he had worked at one time in the same organisation as me. I had lived on a houseboat for eight years in the 80’s and I have been going to Goa every winter for the past fifteen years. With at least some things in common I introduced myself to him when he made his first return to the Whirly.

The wonderful thing that I have discovered in my retirement years is that us children of the 60’s are breaking the tradition of earlier generations by refusing to become “old” and not fitting into the classic old person’s lifestyle. I hope Stephen’s book will give an insight into this and encourage others of our generation to get out there and be involved in whatever way suits them.”

Geoff Sarbutt (Forward from book)


Most people as they get older tend to forget about themselves. It seems to be a normal part of the process of life and it happens to the best of us. We forget to reach our own potential because we are far too focused on bringing up a family, working long hours to pay off the mortgage and bills, locked into the cycle of the never-ending treadmill of work and career. It is easy to lose our way and disregard our own existential wellbeing.

It is an undeniable fact that many of us, in later life, become a bit stuck. Suddenly one day thirty years later, we say to ourselves; ‘what happened to the person I used to be, what happened to my life?’

‘We used to be fun’, go to parties, dance the night away at night clubs and have loads of crazy friends, but the clubs and festivals of old have now been replaced by a pint at the local pub or wine and nibbles at your neighbour’s house. Live music concerts have been replaced by a night at the theatre every few months, or worse still, and this is my own personal experience, your social life consists of a bottle of wine at home watching TV. Our friends are becoming fewer and fewer because over the years we have focussed on everybody else except ourselves; namely our family and our career.

My name is Stephen ‘Hippie Kushi’ Cox, I am 55 years old and I happily describe myself as a hippie. I am both spiritual and forward-thinking, a traveller of the world and a lover of life. I embrace people of all cultures and I believe in togetherness and multiculturalism. I paint my brow with the colours of the rainbow, I wear bright multi-coloured clothes and beads and I dance with my whirly friends all through the night. I am HAPPY!! I have found hippie happiness, I have found Hippie Kushi and I would like to help you find it too.

Look out for the release date on Facebook. And thank you for your support.

Next time: Law of attraction, followed by my new Goa adventures.

3 Replies to “Hippie Kushi Waking up to Life Book”

  • Hi S/ Hippie Kushi, U r a breath of fresh air to an aging 60’s chick who didn’t make the GOA scene as much as I tried( life got right in my face-family child, university, civil rights movement, money etc. U know the deal. I will get ur book and finally make my GOA dream come true. Need info for “making it real” Thanks and take good care of ur self. Ideally, Hope to meet u in Goa.

    • Thank you, after just returning to the cold and wet UK I always switch on to planning mode; what’s next, let’s do it! My book is still with the publishers but I am hoping it will be out June or July 2020, I will let you all know.

  • This book is all about how to move on from full stop and get happiness. The book is a semi-autobiographical, self-help book for all of those who feel they have become a bit grey, boring and stuck in life, regardless of age, sexuality or background. Thanks for this motivational article.

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