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My memories of the last three years caught on film

A quick look back over the last three years via my You Tube channel. These videos are often VERY short (I’ve got better at it now) but it gives you an idea of these lovely memories.

This tuk tuk ride from Candolim to Anjuna beach in Goa, India was quite hair raising, but I loved it.

Arpora is a village close to the North Goa beach belt, in India’s tourism-destination state. Very famous for its night market, “The Saturday Night Market”. Open during the tourist season, it is a colourful vast market consisting of people from around the state selling and showcasing their goods. Be it the musical mouth harps or mouthwatering food, the variety is vast.

I adore the Saturday Night Market, you can meet hippie types from all over the world, eat fantastic food, watch entertainers and fire dancers and listen and dance to some amazing progrock and psyrock music.

Nearby at the local market on Anjuna beach there are some great bars and clubs overlooking the ocean. I discovered this British band performing at the a Guru Bar.

I had some great fun when I stayed in Candolim (Goa) too. I came across this bhangra bar and partied all night.; great fun.

Later at my hotel, I was dragged from the bar by some excited Indian men who wanted me to join their pool party.

The Wednesday day market at Anjuna Beach  in Goa is truly wonderful and full of great clothes and jewellery The bars there have a great hippie vibe and some wonderful music.. 

Of course Goa itself is beautiful too, the beaches, the ocean and the warm and welcoming people.

Back in the UK and I rediscovered Whirl-y-gig! It was 30 years since I had last been a regular there. I now love it, its changed my life and there’s no looking back. 

And of course through discovering Whirly, I was introduced to the Parlour Party.

This year I visited Amsterdam and enjoyed the Red Light Jazz Festival.

Its been a crazy three years and full of fun, adventure and friendship.

Until next time, keep searching for that hippie happiness …

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