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Nomadic Dream of a Free Spirit

“Free Spirit” by Jacqueline C. Nash

She would sit entranced 
by babbling brooks,
swim naked in clear rivers 
and dry herself in the golden sun, 
making even the green willow smile.

Those who regularly read my blog know my heart lies in India. Going forward I intend to live there for six months of the year, from October to March (the British winter months) and I have been making preparations to do just this over the past few years. Investigating the ins and outs, visa restrictions, earning possibilities and reading lots of Goa longstayer blogs.

I’ve also been building on my financial back up, frantically saving money and setting up earning streams (writing books and setting up a business to fund things). 

This dream will hopefully be possible once things have quietened down over Covid.

But due to those for mentioned visa restrictions and a need to return to the UK every six months because of my health, I will need to find a way to successfully live in the UK/Europe between April and September every year as well.

Although this period would be an opportunity for me to see my friends and family, which of course is great; for me, having to return to the UK has always been a depressing thought and something that was simply a necessity.

But my recent camping trips to Somerset and Devon have changed my outlook over this.

I am a free spirit and I cannot be tied down to four walls and material things. I intend to live a free spirited lifestyle that encourages me to create and achieve. I want to be a nomad.

Life is for living and I intend to really LIVE the rest of my life.

I Am a Free Spirit – Visitor’s Poem

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

“I can go where my fancy takes me.
For like the breeze, my Spirit is free.
And I sit not in judgement of my fellow man.
Nor he in judgement of me.
In sleep state no bonds can enslave me.
Nor problems distress or impede.
All negative thoughts are just vanquished.
And my Spirit can go where it please.”

Having to stay within the borders of the UK due to Covid restrictions initially made me very depressed; I felt the rest of the world had more to offer as far as travel goes.

But in order not to completely loose my mind, I settled upon camping in Glastonbury (last September) and now Devon this month (May/June). I was lucky, the weather has been gorgeous but on these two trips I also experienced something new.

I realised what a beautiful country I live in. The UK is green and pretty, with rolling hills, mountains, calming rivers and lakes, country walks, forests and historic sites.

Where I stayed in Devon was lovely. On the camp site I met some fantastic people and I went on some great walks and sat in some friendly pubs; it was uplifting and an epiphany moment.

I have been using my new tepee and its really comfortable but many of the other campers had motorhomes which I had a look around.

I love the idea of a motorhome and its something I intend to move towards in the next couple of years.

I am starting driving lessons next month (yes, at the age of 56). I have no choice now, I need a van for my clothing business and cannot expect friends to keep driving me to festivals when I’m running a stall there.

Also, my mum struggles to walk now and if I had a motorhome she could come away with me on weekend breaks.

But most importantly, a motorhome could be the answer to that issue of those six months when I need to return to the UK/Europe.

Clearly living in Goa for six months of the year would mean giving up my flat in the UK. Keeping my flat in Hampton would be financially impossible. This for me is no biggy. I have no intention of growing old in my safe little flat; that is not where my future lies.

So buying a motorhome is the answer. I can make it into my hippie home and in those six months of the year when I need to return to these fair shores, I can take my time travelling around the UK and Europe exploring all the beautiful places, staying on camping sites and mixing with the beautiful people while I’m at it.

My recent camping trips have opened my eyes to the possibilities of campervan travel. Returning to the UK and Europe for those six months need not be a trial; it can be a magnificent adventure.

“To wander amidst beautiful flowers.
In those Heavenly Gardens above.
Whilst I visit for hours and hours.
There in Heaven with those whom I love.
And as long as I am willing and able.
To wish others good will, love and peace.
And be ready to help where I’m needed.
Then this freedom of mind will not cease.
And the best I can wish upon others.
Is they be blessed with free Spirit like mine.
Till they pass through God’s loving Portals
As each of us must, in good time.”

I Am a Free Spirit – Visitor’s Poem

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

The UK has so many amazing places to explore and let us not forget the rest of Europe, its full of countless wonderful places to visit. I can also visit hippie communities, forest parties and festivals; just bliss.

Through my recent camping trips I have also now found places where I can store my campervan in the UK for those six months while I’m in India. The campsite in Devon being one, where you can store your home on wheels for as little as £300 a year.

Now I can see the possibilities of travelling around Europe, I am not feeling as down about having to come back to the UK every six months, I’m excited about the adventures to come.

I plan to finance my lifestyle with my book sales, my online business, festival market stalls and p/t jobs like bar work where its needed.

I can now see the real possibility of fulfilling my nomadic dream.

I have so many adventures to look forward to.

I have not only woken up to life, I have woken up to the beauty of the UK.

My hippie life grows better everyday…

…I really have woken up to life.

From The Silverado Squatters 

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveller only who is foreign.”

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850–1894)

A Prayer for Travellers 

“May the road rise up to meet you. 

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face;

The rains fall soft upon your fields. 

And until we meet again, 

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.” 


On the World 

“The world’s an inn; and I her guest. 

I eat; I drink; I take my rest. 

My hostess, nature, does deny me 

Nothing, wherewith she can supply me; 

Where, having stayed a while, I pay 

Her lavish bills, and go my way.”

Francis Quarles (1592–1644)

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