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Oh, What a Wonderful Hippie Kushi Whirly Summer; Summer of Love PT2.

At the beginning of the year I wrote about the wonderful Summer of Love yet to come, and 2022 did not disappoint. It has truly been a magnificent summer, full of friendship, kinship, dancing, joy and yes; love.

Noisily and Whirl-y-Fayre in particular blew my mind; they were very special indeed and really changed my perspective on life. This is not to say I did not have an amazing time at the others, because I did.

Here is a look back at this beautiful summer, as well as a look forward to what is to come for the rest of the year and beyond.

Lets start as the summer started, with Psymera Festival.

Psymera Festival

Noisily Festival

My Birthday Bash

Ozora and Boom Festivals

I did not attend these two but those who did said they were magnificent.

Wonderful, Wonderful Whirl-y-Fayre

Las and Katy’s Housewarming weekend

Steve Tremmel

The guy in the final picture above is Steve Tremmel. We met initially on Facebook and I always liked his hippie vibe and the positive remarks he made on my group page. Eventually I invited him to my pre-Sri Lanka party last year and as soon as he entered the room his uplifting free spirit and positive energy touched us all. Me and my friends are a tight knit lot, like a true family and Steve fitted right in straight away. Since then I can describe him as one of my best friends, I love him dearly, he has really touched my life.

We have since been to many festivals and events together and were both especially touched by Noisily and the Whirly Fayre.

Here’s to you you nutter…

One thing this summer has taught me is just how dear to me my friends are, we are family and I love you all dearly.

And now to the future…

Our New Business

In 2023, Steve and I are opening a new business. The business will be the Hippie Kushi event Tent! (the picture in the photo is not our tent but just an example as we have not purchased it yet), we will be combining a store selling all things hippie Goa, handpans, incense stick holders, Hindu statues, wall hangings, clothing and accessories and will combine that with a cafe selling food and drink (teas, coffee, soft drinks). We will also have a small live stage for solo acoustic performers and a DJ booth. There will be four of us running it. So, its all very exciting, look out for us at festivals in 2023!


But before all of that Steve and I are going to be travelling around India from December for two months or more.

We are starting in Goa for Christmas and New Years, where we will meet up with friends and party.

Then we will make our way up to Rajasthan to first conduct some business but also explore that beautiful state. Following that we will visit Rishikesh before travelling down to Pondicherry and Kerala before returning to Goa, travelling there from South to North. Its going to be an amazing adventure.

When our business is up and running next year, my second book, Hippie Kushi Waking up to Life book two, will be out.

A combination of all these wonderful things means my life will finally be on the path I have always dreamt of, and a Hippie Kushi life will be possible after all.

Oh what a Summer of Love; oh what a wonderful life!

Next Time: Goa Cream, end of the festival season.

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