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Pain, Insomnia and Super Humans

I wanted to start this post with a quote from Ram Dass not only because its about death, and I have just had a near death experience; but because Ram Dass sadly died recently. Ram Dass was an intelligent, insightful guru that touched many peoples lives. He has written many amazing books, most notably ‘Be Here Now’, which I am currently reading. Its an incredible life changing book and easy to read and understand. In fact, if you fancy reading it its currently on sale on Amazon Kindle for just £1.49 due to his recent passing.

Netflix and Amazon Prime also have some great documentaries about him if you want to know more. Its a surprise he lasted as long as he did because he had a massive stroke a few years back that totally paralysed him; his mind was still super strong but his body had failed him. My first Super Human of this post is Ram Dass.

I have avoided the subject of this post because some might dismiss it as depressing and a downer. But I have began to realise there are a lot of positives that have come out of my near death experience, so I wanted to focus on them, as well as my strange journey since November the 22nd 2019.

As many of you may know, I was knocked off my bicycle on my way to work a few weeks back and this resulted in serious injury; my arm was literally detached from my body. I was also not wearing a helmet and the car behind skidded to a halt an inch from my face. I was in deep shock and after the ambulance took me to hospital I was there on and off for three and a half weeks. Eventually I underwent 9 hours of surgery to pin my arm back to the rest of my bones with a metal plate, multiple pins and an artificial shoulder.

I was in terrible pain after this which has persisted ever since but is now slowly decreasing. This has also led to the worst insomnia, which remains my biggest demon at the moment. I walk around my flat in the dark hours, holding my arm in pain and wondering when the nightmare will end.

Now the positives:

While I was in hospital my friend Las came to see me, as well as another friend David and some old uni friends Barbara and Nigel. I cannot tell you how much that meant to me after being cooped up in hospital for so long.

David and Las also went over and above by driving me back and forth from the hospital, Las helping me put my socks on and tying my shoe laces. David then came down day after day from quite a distance to stay with me and check I was OK.  And I must not forget Louise, who has checked on me daily during the worst period and came and helped me escape hospital when I was discharged and drove me home. Thank you so much you three; you are Super Humans.

The time after hospital was the most difficult. I am not very close to my older brother Garry (third photo above) and don’t see him very often but when they heard about my accident my sister-in-law checked on me daily by phone and my brother came up for a week and nursed me back to health, cooking for me, cleaning and helping me around the house. His love and concern were evident and beautiful and it really brought us closer together. Garry, you are a Super Human.

During this difficult time there was another thing that really helped me through it. Mary Sutcliffe of Whirl-y-gig fame messaged me every day with some beautiful inspiration words, she and Richard were so supportive, I will never forget it. Thanks Richard and Mary Sutcliffe you are Super Humans not only during my bad times but throughout my life.

I wasn’t really up for going out socially, especially because of my lack of sleep but when I did finally feel up to a night out it was Parlour Party, an open mic night run by Mary and Richard,

It was increadible positive energy medicine for me. Seeing all my friends and Mary and Richards upbeat, fun hosting made it a memorable night. The music and dancing was filled with joy. I got home that night and slept 10 hours and the next day felt the most positive I have for ages. Parlour Party, you are my Super Hero.

The one thing that has kept me most focused on getting better is my upcoming five week trip to Goa this month 20th January. All my friends are flying over for a festival, its going to be magnificent

The weather has been grey, wet and miserable in the UK and this has slowed my recovery.

In Goa the sunny weather, positive vibes and the company of my friends will lift me up and I cant wait. 

My dear friends, you are all my Super Heroes, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I have also realised from all this near death stuff, that it has changed my outlook on life. All this procrastinating about travelling the world or learning to drive so I can travel in a campervan or even setting up some small businesses. Its made me realise I could be gone tomorrow, so live life now, stop putting it off and get on with it!

It was not my time to die, 2020 is my year to blossom. to live, to be a crazy hippie and enjoy LIFE!! Injury, what injury, onwards and upwards.


Next Time: Goa, a pilgrimage of love, fun and discovery!

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