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par kaboo paane पर काबू पाने: Overcoming

I am currently recovering from one of the worst bouts of illness I have ever had in my life. It felt at times like death. I was drifting in and out of consciousness, aching all over, having hallucinations, coughing until my eyes nearly popped out and so weak I have spent over a week in bed.

Coming back from this, be it mutant flu or Covid hell, has felt like a reawakening for me. The UK, the whole world is going into a crazed panic over a new Covid variant and suddenly the planet has shut down again; when will this ever end?

Well it will end, people power will sort it, we need to stop following our Pepper Pig leaders like sheep to the slaughter.

I have realised recently that I need a new mindset or I will crash and burn. The world we live in right now is not the world in which I began this journey.

I have been writing recently about my epic return to Goa, India, my excitement growing daily. Then, as if on queue, another barrier to living the life I choose: Omicron!

It has already been a stressful battle trying to get back to India; “will we? Wont we?” but eventually I had the confidence to buy my ticket and despite having to jump through a few red tape hoops, I was looking forward to it.

But then the panic over Omicron, the new Covid variant out of South Africa, has been growing and I started to get a feeling of doubt.

Then India announced we would have to go into a 7 day quarantine on arrival because of the new threat. Also more police have been put in place to make sure we are wearing our masks in the hot Indian sun. Further Covid tests are also required on arrival in India and on return to the UK; more expense. 

My biggest fear was that if the world went into lockdown and India went on the red list, I would be faced with a £2000+ hotel quarantine bill on my arrival back in the UK. Eventually the decision was made for me anyway as India suspended international flights; a total over reaction

So with great and sad regret, I have had no choice but to cancel my trip to Goa.

Suddenly I am left with the prospect of another bleak winter in the UK.

But its time to accept that the world is the way it is right now and this blog goes back to its original form of keeping you up to date on my whirly life.

There is still joy to be had in these dark times; just look at last weekend. I had a fantastic time seeing all the Whirly crowd at the Psymera boat party; it was epic.

I had my own Christmas party planned at my flat as well but all of this depressing news resulted in me cancelling, but then I got sick anyway.

Being ill in bed for so long has given me time to think though and I have come up with a strategy that will work during these times of Covid madness. A strategy that will give me purpose and hope once again.

I have always spoken about my dream of travelling long term, backpacking through South East Asia and India. Well the way life has been now, I don’t want to waste any more time, I’m not getting any younger.

If I use this time stuck in the UK to save, save, save, I will have the money I need to set off in 2023.

If I continue learning to be a DJ I will have a job that can also pay my way. If I keep selling my hippie clothing at festivals and make money from the sale of my books, I can get by when I am travelling for six months. (my publishers promise me my long over due book release is January 23rd)

Instead of going into despair, I will use this time to prepare for my ultimate travels.

I originally planned to do this in about three years time, but Covid has made me see: “don’t put anything off, live life now!”

I want to start in the Philippines, then Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Eventually flying into Nepal before travelling across my beloved India. 

If I’ve learnt one thing from this Covid hell;

Take risks and live the life you want to live!!

Watch this space!!!…

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