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Reflections on Life and the Law of Attraction

“For years I found my heart being drawn to a simpler, more connected way of life. More connected with the countryside and landscapes around me and more connected with the seasons, my family, my community and with myself. I often found myself daydreaming about living in a straw-bale house in Pembrokeshire, or on a market garden somewhere in Europe. I watched with a yearning for freedom as I learned about the Snowbirds, retired Americans, who migrate throughout the United States in their motorhomes and have mass gatherings as they chase the warm weather.”


When I wrote my Whirly-fayre blog post a few months back, I finished it with this statement:

I can safely say I too was deeply effected by the Whirly Fayre, the atmosphere was very stimulating. I came away knowing who I was and the kind of person I want to be. The hippie atmosphere, the nomadic lifestyle, the colourful people living alternative lifestyles. I was never made for a 9 to 5 normal life. I was never made for four walls a garden and a mortgage. I want to travel. I want to live in a campervan or canal boat. I want to be free and I want to look the way I want to look. Have Like-minded hippie friends. I want to be hippie kushi. 

Whirly Fayre stimulated all of this in me and made me feel MAGNIFICENT!!”

“The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good when you are near or with them.” — Charles Bukowski

What has surprised me the most since I sat on that beach in Goa and had my Utsaah (elation) moment, Is how the law of attraction applies. I had just spent the whole night dancing on Arambol beach with a bunch of ageing hippies and I knew then that that was the world I wanted to be a part of.

I already had one dream that fitted into that ideal; I wanted to eventually live on a narrowboat with all those wonderful water-hippies.

“Walking into the rich and self-sustaining boating community was a breath of fresh air. It really is like those days you’ve heard about from parents and grandparents where each would look out for the other. For us, it’s the community that we had always dreamt of. Many of the people we have met on our adventures have become like family, and we wouldn’t change this for the world.”


But I also wanted to embrace the new found hippie kushi me. I wanted to go to clubs that fitted with that world, I wanted to try to re-engage with Whirl-y-gig as well. I wanted to go to festivals and gigs and I wanted to meet new exciting like-minded people. Most of all I wanted some new friends who I could travel with; especially to Goa.

The extraordinary thing is, the Law of Attraction started working straight away. If you start thinking in a certain way, start looking a certain way and start going to the right places; the things you desire start dropping in your lap almost in a natural way.

You somehow give off an aura that attracts the very things you want to surround yourself with.

Suddenly I found I was living the life I wanted and was moving about in the world I had chosen. I had totally embraced the new found hippie kushi me. I was going to those clubs that fitted with my world, I had re-engaged with Whirl-y-gig and that has led to me making some wonderful new friends. Through those new friends I am now going to those festivals and gigs and everyday I am being introduced to new and exciting like-minded people. Most of all, I now have some new friends who are going to travel with me to Goa.

The law of attraction really works. In his book How to Live in a Van and Travel, Mike Hudson explains what this means:

“About a year before I quit my job I started getting interested in the law of attraction. I read a load of books about it. I became fascinated. The LOA, if you don’t know, says that you attract into your life whatever you think about the most, and that your external world is constantly seeking to align with your internal world – your thoughts and beliefs. So by simply creating and shaping our thoughts we can change and shape our whole life and reality.”

“Everything I envisioned, down to the smallest detail, has become the reality I am now living right now.  There have been many times when I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

Read about it. Try it – if you don’t already. Visualise, in detail, how you want things to be. Make it a daily practice. Reality will align.

I once said in an interview that I’d either entered a new world or created my own. Her next question was ‘are you using the law of attraction?'”

Live in a Van and Travel, Mike Hudson

Next time: Parlour Party/Whirl-y-gig Christmas weekend

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