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HippieUtsaah on Etsy

Hippie Utsaah Jewellery, Hippie Bags, Bespoke t-shirts, Clothing and Accessories coming soon to this blog.

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Hippie Utsaah Mission Statement

Hippie Utsaah means Hippie Elation. We are a company born out of the world of Hippie Kushi waking up to life.com a social media platform that includes a blog, a Facebook community, a series of books and a mindset that is all about living a happy hippie lifestyle.

Hippie Utsaah is an online store supplying reasonably priced hippie bags, jewellery, bespoke t-shirts, clothing and accessories that are manufactured ethically and are of good quality. Hippie Utsaah is a lifestyle, not a fashion statement.

Our new t-shirt range

About us 

Hippie Utsaah are the trading arm of Hippie Khushi Waking up to Life, selling ethically sourced hippie bags, bespoke t-shirts, clothing, accessories and unique jewellery which reflects the Hippie Kushi philosophy of finding freedom, peace and happiness through alternative living. It’s all about people expressing themselves through what they wear and reflects a strong hippy vibe, great for the alternative club and festival scene. 

Hippie Utsaah is a limited company and it is run as a business partnership; namely David Rogers and Stephen Cox. 

Stephen about David: 

I first met David at a group therapy session a few years back aimed at gay men of a certain age. We clicked straight away and have remained close friends ever since. David has worked for many years as a learning and development manager. He is a fun and upbeat person who embraces life and happily does not act his age. As well as my friend he is now my business partner co-running Hippie Utsaah Clothes and Jewellery Company; Clothing and Jewellery for the Free-Spirited Individual. He is hardworking and passionate in his this role and I am happy he has decided to join me in this endeavour, but our close friendship will always come first. David currently lives in Hemel Hempstead, just outside London in the UK.

David about Stephen: 

When I first met Stephen a few years ago, we were both on a search, having been through some similar experiences; his more profound than mine. Over the coming months we developed a friendship and I discovered a person with a strong spirit and a resilience that I could only admire. Whatever happens he maintains a focus and energy that is remarkable and when coupled to a strong vision and philosophy, unstoppable.This vision and energy led to, amongst other things, his reconnection with all things ‘Whirly’ and the hippy culture that is so much a part of it. As well as the explosion of Hippie Kushi Waking Up To Life.com on social media and his first book.

We see Hippie Utsaah as a lifestyle, not a fashion statement. 

We hope you enjoy our products; if you do, please tell others about Hippie Utsaah.

Thank you

Later next year we will be selling hippie clothing too

We are looking at opening for business Easter weekend 2021; watch this space for items for sale and a link to our online store.

We will be running a big promotion when we do open for business so you will be aware.

I hope you will join us in making this endeavour a success and we look forward to your custom.