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The Day the Earth Blew Away; the Return of Wonderful, Wonderful Whirly Fayre

I was feeling really blue, Whirly Fayre just felt, well, wrong. The location just wasn’t the same and it felt really empty; not many people. I had just put up my Hippie Utsaah gazebo and had opened my shop for business but the wind was really strong and I was spending my day holding on to the gazebo frame to stop it from taking off. The gazebo was already torn in many places and I felt frustrated and sad.

At the same time the crew were putting the finishing touches to the Whirly-Fayre’s main tent. The famous Whirl-y-Gig Earth globe was being fixed to the tents roof. All of a sudden a strong gust of wind grabbed the inflatable globe and ripped it from its connector. The famous Earth globe had blown away.

Was this a metaphor for what was to come? Would this Whirly-Fayre be a shallow version of its epic self? Was I going to be deflated and disappointed?

How stupid I was. How foolish and wrong and negative I was being. In reality what was to follow after that first windy day, was one of the most inspirational, loving, magnificent weekends of my life; it was blooming wonderful!

Whirly Fayre returned this summer with a vengeance. Whirl-y-Gig was back! Whirly Fayre was back! And my beautiful, lovely Whirly family were back there too.

Welcome to the magnificent, wonderful, wonderful Whirly Fayre; the day the Earth blew away!

From that very first Thursday opening night in the Psychedelic tent it was clear the emotion of being back with our Whirly family was going to be overwhelming after so long.

Whirly-Farye is part of the Whirl-y-Gig experience and is a cacophony of eccentric characters, and hippie bliss. This event blew my mind when it was last on, pre-Covid in 2019, now it was returning with a bang to bring the whirly family back together.

Jungle Chris blasted out some top drum n Bass and we danced with joy after catching up with so many long lost friends.

It was a joy to see Mary and Richard Sutcliffe again and many of our whirly friends were overcome with the wonderful emotion of it all.

It felt lovely how we had set out our camp, our tents all in a circle like in the old wild west. It was the first time my whole gang of friends had been together in months and so it was a joy to all be back together. We also had a lovely guy and his daughter and friends move in next door. He is a guy called Phil who we had previously met at Psymera festival. He is a lovely guy and his daughter is a beautiful angelic hippie spirit.

So, after a breakfast of grapes, pineapple and samosas, I went to carry out the task of setting up my gazebo. Overall the shop did ok over the weekend. I enjoyed running it and meeting my customers but I did not have much stock left after a long summer of festivals so I just about broke even.

The overwhelming thing for me at Whirly-Fayre was the love and the pure spirits of all the people there. Whirl-y-Gig attracts a certain type of beautiful human being and the second day was no exception. More and more people arrived and the festival started to fill up.

Halfway through the day, two dear old friends turned up, the ‘Cornish Farmers’. I still don’t really remember why we call them that but Paul does look like a farmer. These two are gods among men, ravers through and through, naughty but nice. I did not recognise Gerry at first could he has changed his image; I though he was an American tourist for a second (dig dig lol), only kidding it was truly beautiful to see you guys again, and what fun we had.

On the Friday night ManMadeMan were due to perform who are an amazing band but due to a little confusion had thought they were on on the Saturday. Their dedication to Whirly-Faye meant they had to rush across the UK to get to the event; what dedication. When they came on stage the wait had been worth it, they blew our minds with their amazing set. 

Also a band called Spacehopper played live and their fusion of acid music and world music beats was uplifting and magnificent. My friends and I danced like happy crazy people until the early hours. Joy was everywhere; the Whirlys were truly back and it was almighty.

Our famous DJ Monkey Pilot was as magnificent as ever and he saw us dancing till the early hours.

Saturday was another day of sunshine and hippie joy. Sales were good in my shop and I held a closing sale as I’m starting a new bigger business next year.

I then took what was left of my stock back to my tent and got ready for Saturday night.

Once again the evening was filled with Whirly joy and we all danced together, hugged and kissed and felt the warmth of the Whirly family feeling.

And as the hippies danced, spun, pranced and made merry, full of whirly joy, the Goddess looked on and smiled.

Sunday was without doubt my favourite day. No shop to run, I was free to just relax and enjoy the vibe.

Richard and Mary, and the staff and volunteers were working so hard to make this event just perfect and they had surely done us proud.

The day started with Parlour Party. lots of wonderful acts were performing and Nuala was going to sing (beautifully) and we all had tambourines and maracas and drums to provide a fun percussion to the proceedings. Mary even joined us at one point and I was brought back to wonderful memories of Parlour Party in Harrow.

When Nuala began to sing, and with joy in my heart, I looked around at all the Whirlys back together and the emotion got to me. I burst into tears of joy and became quite overwhelmed; it was pure whirly bliss, we were finally back with our family!

Sadly some of my crew had to go home on the Sunday because of work commitments but there were enough of us nutters to dance like wild spirits on the Sunday night; and dance we did. Astralasia blew us away with their live set and Monkey Pilot showed us why he is still the king of the Whirly beats.

At the end of that final evening the famous Whirl-y-Gig parachute came over our heads and we sat and meditated on a truly awesome, life-changing event.

Mary concluded the fayre with a wonderful speech thanking everyone and promising a return to the fayre next year, OMG yes!

She even put out a mention for my book at one point. Oh my god, what a magical event.

There is something so special in my life about Whirl-y-Gig and Whirly-Fayre, its a big part of my life, an incredibly important part and it just leaves me feeling spiritually cleansed. I left that magical place with joy in my heart but also sorrow that there has not been more over the last few years. This event always inspires me and changes my thinking and I cannot wait until the Whirlys are together again.

Thank you Mary and Richard. Thank you the staff and volunteers, but most especially thank you to all you amazing, warm, beings of light that are the Whirly family. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Until next time brothers and sisters…

Next time: New business set up, Goa Cream and preparing for Goa.

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