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THE SECRET: Seeking a Simpler Life in a New World Reality


I dream of a simpler life in these dark times.

I dream of living in a small rented Portuguese house, just off of the beach in either Arambol or Anjuna in Goa.

I would survive financially by selling things at the many markets, selling my clothing and bags, my art, my yoga mats. I could make money from the sales of my books too; maybe even some DJing.

I would live in the most eco friendly, green way possible. 

I would have good friends and dance the night away at the various shacks, smiling with contentment.

Living my happy Hippie life…

…but am I running away, hiding my head in the sand?

I don’t care if I am, the world does not feel like a very happy place to me right now.

My Goa dream is what has been keeping me going, that and my wonderful friends. 

I am known as a happy, upbeat, positive and optimistic fellow but even I have been struggling during these dark times. 

I have found 2021 much harder than the first year of the pandemic. Back in November 2020 our Prime Minister and his buffoons telling us 2021 would be a fantastic year because the vaccines were here.

 The vaccines coming has been a fantastic thing but 2021 has been far from fantastic.

It has been hard to find my normal optimism; but its still there; just. 

And I will be strong again. My happy positive self, my BABA KUSHI self, will return; I know it.

Recently it has felt to me like the world is ending; that all is change and not for the good. 

In my darkest moments I have even wondered if Covid is nature’s way of trying to kill us all off, before we kill the planet?


As well as my concerns around global warming and the Covid pandemic, I have three people in my life who have been fighting cancer. How does that happen? Three at one time?

One of them is my lovely mum. Its not been easy but two of them, two dear friends, are on the road to recovery and my mum has surgery to remove her tumour soon.

My mood has been dark for a while now (as I’m sure is so with many of you), with my only relief being several camping trips and a few gatherings with friends.

I recently watched some speeches about global warming on the news and was left flabbergasted by what people were saying; we are in trouble.

To heighten this feeling, I have been shocked and distraught at the scenes on TV of terrible weather events throughout the world (including the UK), we are watching horrors on our TV screens on a daily basis…

…like the horrific flooding in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The shocking scenes of commuters up to their necks in water on subway trains in China; it must have been terrifying…

The unbelievable heatwaves in Australia, Canada and the USA, followed by massive fires…

It really has felt like the world is ending.

There is no doubt our world is in its winter years and as a consequence we must live our lives to the full while we can.

We all kid ourselves that we are doing our bit to save the planet and individually we must continue to do so, as something is better than nothing. 

The truth is all countries are as guilty as each other; China, Russia, USA, UK, Europe, Asia. Governments make promises they know they cannot keep.

We must all continue doing our own individual best to save the planet because our governments won’t.

Every second that we can add to the life of our planet is a blessing.

Lets give our beautiful world as long as we can by doing our individual bit. We can achieve this by living a good, eco friendly life, a simpler life.

I know I sound gloomy, because I have felt gloomy; look at the world at the moment; this new Covid world…this world on fire.

But there is always hope with the right mindset. And as far as Covid goes, I implore you to please have the vaccine; its the only way to get back to a freer life so that we can enjoy festivals and travel and all those wonderful things again.

On Facebook an argument erupted around Covid vaccinations. All the trolls and nutcases came out to play.

The Anti-vaccination people were criticising someone who was about to have their second vaccine, calling them insane and that the vaccine is a death cult.

People on one page were saying they would rather NEVER go clubbing or travel again if they had to take the vaccine; how ridiculous.

My message to you anti-vaccine people is simple, the vaccine is there so we can defeat this horrible Covid virus. Not only does it stop you from getting really sick but it protects those around you. It will also mean a return to a better, freer way of life the quicker everyone is vaccinated.

The more of you who refuse to have the vaccine results in a prolonging of this nightmare for all of us.

Not only could you be one of the casualties of this REAL deadly virus but you will also infect your loved ones, elderly relatives, children and the sick.

Come on, don’t you want to get back to the world; will you really never travel to places like India again? This is reality.

Most of my friends have been double vaccinated (which is fantastic) but that does not mean they have not been changed by this pandemic. Since the so called freedom day in the UK where most restrictions were ended, I have noticed most people are still wearing masks when needed (supermarkets, shops, restaurants, public transport) and probably will do for some time to come.

I have noticed some of my friends are still nervous about travelling too far or attending indoor events. I can understand this but hopefully their confidence will return when infection numbers start dropping.

Some people still give me a wide birth when I pass them in the street in fear of infection. I don’t like this and hope it ends soon; its not necessary; I don’t have leprosy.

With the world the way it is, more and more now I think about travelling again to South East Asia and India. Its my happy place and where I feel most relaxed.

Thailand is a possibility for a three week holiday this year but I long to return to India as soon as I can.

Of course that is out of the question at the moment. The infection rate in India is terrible with only a 3rd of the population having only one jab.

The spectre of Covid will be with India for a while to come and I am preying that in December 2022 I can finally return to my second and beloved home of Goa.

And so in the meantime I have had to adjust my mindset. The world is currently a dark and difficult place to fulfil our life dreams.

Everything I do now until India’s government says visas are being offered once again and we can return to Goa, is prepare and put everything in place to make my dream of living there a reality, 

My first book is due out (finally) in September and I hope to build funds from the sale of the first Hippie Kushi book, as well as the next two books that I have already written.

My hippie clothing business has been struggling during Covid with clubbing, festivals and travel not allowed until recently. I still have two festivals in August and September in which to run market stall pitches to make some well needed cash.

Next year is looking a lot more promising with five festivals so far confirming that I can run a pitch (2022 is definitely looking like a better year).

But in order to carry my stock and equipment to these events I need my own transport.

For that and a few more reasons, that is why my main focus now is starting my driving lessons.

Yes, at the age of 56 I am starting lessons on the 5th of August 2021.

As stated in other blog posts, learning to drive will not only allow me to have my own transport to ship my stock to festivals, markets and boot sales but it will also eventually be my home for six months of the year.

Because when I pass my test I will not be buying a car, I will be buying a motorhome.

Initially, I can take my mum on tours around the UK and Europe. But when I get ready for my big move to Goa, I can move into my hippiefied motorhome to save on rent and bills and then save up the money needed to fulfil my dream of spending six months of the year in Goa. 

The rest of the year (the British summer) I will live in my motorhome travelling around the UK and Europe selling my hippie items at markets and festivals.

Life is for living! and after all this hell, I intend to live it.

Despite these difficult dark times I am more focussed than ever to achieve my dreams. Its all about planning, preparing and saving.

I dream of a simpler life in these dark times.

I dream of living in a small rented Portuguese house, just off of the beach in either Arambol or Anjuna in Goa.

I would live in the most eco friendly, green way I could. I would have good friends and dance the night away at the various shacks, smiling with contentment.

Living my happy Hippie life…

…but am I running away, hiding my head in the sand?

I don’t care if I am!

And I hope many of you will come with me, to live a happy hippie life too.

A simple life…

A happy life…

A green, eco friendly life…

Hippie Kushi Waking up to Life.

And I will get there despite it all…

Next time: Watch out Hippie Behind the Wheel; part one

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