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Travel is the greatest healer, the greatest renewer and the greatest way to expand your mind

During my life time I have travelled the world, Europe, USA, Brazil, Africa, India and many more of this planet’s most wonderful places. I have seen many wonderful sights, smells and met some incredible characters. I have travelled with friends and I have travelled alone.

You may wonder why I have chosen to travel alone over the years, for me the answer is simple. I follow my own path and visit the places I want to see. I find my own ‘me time’, through spirituality and kingship in other travellers. I travel alone in order to be together with new people I meet along the way. I talk to strangers in a beach front bar and then meet them as friends in the evening for a meal. I meet a world traveller at a market and travel on with him as a new friend to my next destination. For me, meeting new people along the road is the most important part of my travels.

I have not only travelled as an explorer, I have also worked overseas in The Gambia, Africa as a teacher; an equally rewarding endeavour. I recommend to anyone the joy of volunteering abroad, especially with children; it changes your life forever.

I have ridden horses across Brazil, taken a boat along the Rhine to see chocolate box villages and I have gripped on for dear life to the hand rail of a tuk tuk through the chaotic streets of Goa; travel my friends, see the world, expand your horizons.

I know the world can seem a dark place but you will see for yourself, it can also be a beautiful place: travel my friends and wake up to life!

A nomad carries only what is necessary, hoping to procure the rest along the way. A nomadic contemporary traveller replaces horses and camels with trains and buses, a cart with his own back; travelling light therefore becomes an obligation.”


A comment from:

Hello Stephen, my names Steve I’m frankie Moors partner, I’ve heard lots about you and wanted to encourage you to follow the beat of your own drum, please read Blink and legacy they will hopefully inspire you to do what you know in your heart is the right thing to do.
We are guests on this planet for a short undetermined time, do what you know is right for you and your wellbeing

Peace out

Steve the Surbiton poet

Reply from Hippie Kushi (Stephen):

Thank you Steve. For me this has almost been out of my hands, something natural and beautiful has grown within me in the last few years that I knew I could not ignore. My choice is to live life to the fullest; we are only around for a short time; why spend your lifetime in some 9 to 5 job you hate, day after day, when you could be embracing the world. Thank you for your lovely comments. I will take your advice.

I will see you and Frankie on the road…

Hippie Kushi

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