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Whirl-y-gig Easter Peace Party

It was Whirly weekend again and this time the Whirl-y-gig Easter Peace Party.

I thought I would never get there as due to the Easter holiday the tube was not running and after several bus rides I finally made it!

I did not need to worry about arriving late, although this was not the busiest night at Whirly, the atmosphere was still electric.

Tonight Monkey Pilot played an amazing set that had us all dancing, then the live music performance begun and Astralasia blew us away.

All the usual suspects were there. Thank you Las for being my dance partner again; you are turning into a good friend. Geoff, you were magnificent as always; thanks for the beers and Louise and Melissa you were fun and playful last night you made it a great night.

And to all the fabulous, crazy, colourful freaks that helped to make this a blinding night;, I love you all.

Finishing with my favourite beautiful boy of the night, what an amazing evening once again. Thanks Mary and Richard.

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