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Words on a new beginning.

Its been a while since I have written a blog post; my life seems to have caught fire. Many months ago I wrote a post called The Change is Irreversible; that has proven to be so true.

Since my epiphany in Goa a few years back that ignited the rediscovery of myself, my potential and who I am really meant to be, I have been swept along on a river of love, Whirly happiness, friendship and adventure. My life has truly become HIPPIE KUSHI!

The path has not always been easy. My health has been very bad this year and I am currently recovering from a serious chest infection that has laid me low.

In an attempts to move forward with my life I knew I needed to pay off my debts. Once I had done that I would be free to go vagabonding around the world, followed by fulfilling my dream of moving onto a canal boat.

In an attempt to do this I have found myself working 70 hour weeks at my job with the NHS and this has led to me getting run down and picking up these illnesses. 

This has been a wake up call for me and after clearing my debt with a debt relief order, followed by an unexpected windfall after a court case against the DWP, I have been able to say, ‘enough is enough’ and have handed in my notice to the NHS, because its my time now.

I now intend to get a part time job somewhere and the rest of the time concentrate fully on my projects: my latest book, my blog, my artwork, an online and street market stall selling hippie clothes and jewellery as well as my plans for travelling long term and eventually getting and living on that canal boat.

I’m 55 and ready for my best years. Its my time now, its hippie kushi time.

So, what have I been up to to make me feel so upbeat? My new book has been keeping me busy, its a self help book about not being grey and boring when you get older, to embrace your inner hippie and enjoy life! 

The book is practically writing itself and a lot of my psychotherapy training is coming into the text. I’m really enjoying writing it and hope you will all enjoy reading it when I’m finished.

Then there has been some amazing events I have attended: Whirl-y-gig Summer party of course:

The Psymera boat party was equally awesome (and a very hot day) full of amazing people:

My mum also came up to visit me in Hampton for my birthday and we visited beautiful Shepperton in Surrey:

Then there was the Parlour Party, an amazing live mic night in Harrow, run by Mary and Richard from Whirl-y-gig. It was great as always; so much talent:

But the best thing so far was my Hippie Kushi Whirly party at my flat in Hampton. I totally got my flat looking amazing.

When the party got going I suddenly realised how blessed I was to have so many amazing friends now. There were my old work colleagues from a Surbiton health centre, some of my university friends also attended from my counselling degree days.

And there were friends from Parlour Party and Whirl-y-gig; it was amazing. Everybody gelled and there was a lot of love and positive energy going on. We danced in the afternoon to world music and psytrance beats. It could not have worked out any better.

So many great events but what have I got to look forward to for the rest of the year and beyond?

The first thing, of course, is the Whirly Fayre! I am so looking forward to this for so many reasons. The chilled out element to it, the camping out, the love and friendship, the musical talent and the acoustic music moments. The Whirl-y-gig parties and the live bands, inc: Transglobal Underground; I cannot wait!!!

And thank you James for being a great friend and driving me up to the festival.


After the Whirly Fayre my next project will be my boat. My plan is to secure a mooring in Hampton and then buy a 25ft cruiser to get ready over the winter months and eventually live on. 

My hope is to move on to it next spring and with my unexpected financial windfall I now have the money to do that.

I will also use the time before moving onto it to learn everything I need to know about canal and river life, piloting and living on a boat.

By giving up my flat and moving onto a boat (even with a permanent mooring) I can save enough money to go on my Vagabonding travels around the world and then, on my return, save up and buy a proper narrow-boat.

Then I can start up my market stall and online business and my life’s dreams will be fulfilled. It wont be easy but I am focused and determined. My life will be Hippie Kushi!

So, life is pretty bloody good at the moment…

Next time: The Whirly Fayre

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